After a cleanse

YOU DID IT!!! congratulations! aren’t you feeling amazing? now let’s not go running for the steak and potatoes just yet. coming out of your cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. for the first day after your cleanse it is best just to add mainly soups, superfood smoothies, raw or lightly steamed vegetables and fruits or nuts. keep it simple, light and clean. your diet should be very similar to what you did to prepare for your cleanse…no sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, dairy or processed foods. the next two or three days you can start to incorporate more plant foods such as beans, quinoa or brown rice. you may add a small amount of plant oils and organic yogurt. by days four and five you may begin to add animal protein, it eaten, and add more of the foods you enjoy…being very mindful of the portions you are eating. don’t stuff you face. this is a time to relish what you have accomplished and let your body continue to reap the benefits.

as you get back into your normal routine again, try to incorporate raw, organic juice into your everyday life. how awesome is it to get three pounds of veggies and fruit in just one of our lovely juice concoctions? it’s easy, it’s healthy and your body will love you forever!