Cleanse FAQ

What cleanse should I do?

easy livin’ – a beginner cleanse that is perfect for those who want to balance great tasting, easy to drink juices with glowing results.

whole lotta love – an intermediate cleanse for folks that are more familiar with juicing and want a more advanced blend of juices for a deeper detox.

green is the colour – an advanced cleanse that is very alkalizing and super detoxing for maximum results.

How long should I do a juice cleanse?

a three-day gives digestion a rest and cleanses the blood.

a five-day starts the process of rebuilding and maintaining a healthy immune system. 

a seven-day will reset the body.

What order should I drink my juices during my cleanse?

any order you wish.  we do advise that you don’t drink a green juice late in the evening… the greens tend to give you a boost of energy.  almond milk is good to drink at night because it is soothing and it contains a little fat so it will make your tummy feel full before you go to bed.

Can I eat while doing a juice cleanse?

eating on a juice cleanse if fine as long as you keep it raw and clean.  carrot and celery sticks are fine as well as a small salad with lemon or lime (no oil), half an apple or avocado.  veggie broth is good, too.  we don’t want you to starve.  be happy during your cleanse!

Should I spread out the juices during the day?

yes.  spread out drinking your juices throughout the day.  drink them slowly and chew on them a bit as this will kick start your digestive system so it will start absorbing all of those wonderful nutrients, vitamins and enzymes.  like is says on our bottles…”shake me, chew me.”