During a cleanse

while you are cleansing, we recommend a few things to help make your journey more enjoyable. Drink plenty of water…we mean it!! as soon as you wake up, drink a big glass of water, or a juice junkies lemon+aid. did you know that adding lemon juice to your water helps boost your metabolism, aids in digestion and helps your body absorb calcium? it is also very alkalizing. awesome, huh?  you may also drink as many herbal, caffeine free teas as you like.

we strongly recommend you drink all of your juices every day. juices should be consumed at least every one to two hours, with your final “meal” of the day being consumed two to three hours before bedtime.

drink you juices slowly and remember to chew your juice. chewing activates the saliva gland, which is very important for your raw juice digestive journey. while you are chewing, your body is calculating how many enzymes and what kind it will need to produce in order to digest every bite. so, drink your juice slowly and mindfully, chewing on each sip before swallowing. this will insure the best absorption of the juice into your body.

if your tummy starts to rumble and you feel you must eat solid food, this is totally permissible. keep it clean. you may eat vegetable broth, carrots, celery, a small raw salad, an apple or a half an avocado. raw nuts are also okay…just a small handful will satisfy your hunger pangs. keep it raw, organic and in small portions.

get plenty of rest. lie down, close your eyes, snooze or meditate several times during the day. there is a lot of healing going on so listen to your body. if you feel a bit run down, take it easy. if you exercise a lot, you may want to cut back a bit so most of your energy is conserved for healing.

some other ways to help release toxins from your body during your cleanse include: exfoliating or dry skin brushing, sweating (be sure to rinse off the sweat or you will reabsorb the toxins), stretching, massage, light exercise and deep breathing.

during a juice cleanse is just that…juice. there is little fiber in the juice so you might need to give your colon a little kick start to help eliminate the built up toxins and waste stored in your digestive tract. drinking plenty of water certainly helps with elimination. we also suggest you consider colon hydrotherapy, or a colonic. This is a safe and effective way to help release toxic waste from your body. The colon is gently filled with warm, filtered water and as the water is flushed out it carries any toxins and waste that have built up in the large intestine over the years. This is a safe, simple and painless clinical procedure. if you cannot fathom doing a colonic, we suggest you eat at least one small, raw meal, such as a few bites of Juice Junkies' mixed green salad (no oil), a handful of raw carrots, celery, or half an apple to help promote elimination. you may also take herbal laxatives and any herbal teas that promote elimination.

notice how great you are starting to feel now? you are flooding your body with all of these amazing and healing live nutrients. a day or two into your cleanse, your body becomes far more efficient at using the calories you are taking in, giving you an abundance of energy, sharp clarity, a feeling of weightlessness and a sense of calm. you will sleep better, your skin will glow, you’ll have a gleam in your eye and a skip in your step and your body and mind will be in balance. your body is saying thank you, thank you, thank you!!