bet on greens!

bet on greens!

deck the halls and yourself with dark leafy greens!

benefits of dark leafy greens

spectacular superfoods

did you know that dark leafy greens (kale, spinach, romaine, collard, swiss chard, watercress, etc) are one of the most spectacular superfoods ever? let’s see why…

rich in folate

dark leafy greens have lots and lots of folate which is ESSENTIAL for amino acid production and healthy cell division. if you are deficient in folate you will feel sluggish and irritable. folate is a must have for pregnant women and growing kiddos.

full of anti-oxidants & fiber

greens are loaded with anti-oxidants which help build a healthy immune system and keep you looking bright and feeling refreshed :)
 you will heart your heart when you eat your greens. the dietary fiber found in greens help regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

dark leafy greens


& the goodness continues… 

dark leafy greens manage insulin secretion keeping diabetes at bay, the fiber feeds your good gut flora, chlorophyll provides UV protection and flushes toxins. wow!


you can find your organic, dark leafy green fix every day at juice junkies. our green juices are a perfect way to get your daily serving. we keep extra greens on hand to add to your smoothies (the greenday smoothie is most popular). we even have shots of chlorophyll (ask for an e-3 live shot).


green cleanses

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christmas tree smoothie

featured smoothie of the month – the christmas tree happy holiday flavors with, well… we had to add some greens :) 


christmas tree peppermint star

almond milk
coconut water 
chocolate chips
handful of spinach
dash of cane sugar