the spirit of spinach

the spirit of spinach

some of us remember spinach as a childhood nightmare.  in many families it was the go-to green being served right from the can! Though it wasn't very tasty from the can, our mothers and grandmothers weren’t mistaken about the incredible nutritional value of this green. The benefits of spinach have been known for ages. From Hippocrates to Victoria Beckham… almost every era of human history knows the true spirit of spinach :)



let’s get to the facts. in 2014 spinach made it to 5th place of the nutrient density score published by scientists from the national center of disease control and prevention. this wonderful green can support your health in many ways:

facts about spinach



  • laser sharp vision - because of the high content of vitamin A spinach helps protect the surface of the eye (cornea)

  • strong bones - our bones love the combination of calcium and vitamin K found in spinach. these two ingredients work together to build strong bone tissue and help prevent the loss of bone density

  • weight loss support - thanks to magnesium and thiamine spinach plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy metabolism and transforming carbs into energy

  • the enemy of anaemia - spinach is loaded with iron ~ a very important component of hemoglobin… the protein in our blood responsible for carrying oxygen to our cells


organic juice cleanses with spinach


organic juice cleanses with spinach

the list of benefits from doing an organic juice cleanse is long and spinach is definitely one of the superstars. if you’re ready for a nutritional reboot and detoxifying program, try one of our juice cleanses (they all have spinach). for that extra incentive… use our 15% holiday discount.

christmas tree smoothie


we have it all… ;)


because of its neutral flavor, spinach can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. whether you like it in your juice, smoothies, wraps or salads we’ve got you covered. try one of our juice blends with spinach (feelin’ stronger everyday or green river (picture) and grab a great greek wrap for lunch or a green smoothie. This month we are featuring a festive and nutritious ★ christmas tree smoothie ★ 

inside you’ll find: spinach, bananas, almond milk, coconut water, dark chocolate chips, peppermint & a dash of organic cane sugar (optional)


check out our full smoothie menu.

so how much spinach should you eat a day? the more the better but just a few handfuls will provide a good amount of vitamins A, K, iron, folate and potassium! 

we wish everyone a happy, healthy and spirited holiday season! :)