boost your metabolism naturally

boost your metabolism naturally

did you know certain foods can actually increase your metabolism?

the higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to maintain your weight or get rid of some unwanted body fat.


metabolism boosting food

here are some metabolism boosting food and drinks offered at Juice Junkies:

flaxseed – add this to any smoothie or acai bowl
lentils – our green lentil soup is divine
ginger – found in our carrot ginger soup and many of our juice blends
mint – you’ll find fresh mint in our sunshine superman and zinger smoothies
coffee – we offer the best organic coffee drinks and smoothies in town
darky leafy greens – asian salad and many of our juice blends
cacao – oh boy, we have lots of cacao loaded goodies, including chocolate truffles, hot cocoa, powerballs and chocolate smoothie!
capsaicin – you will find a splash of that in our oh darlin’ and light my fire juice blends… add a drop or two to a ginger or turmeric shot 🔥
tart cherries - order a shot or pick up a dream on with tart cherry and almond milk… we also have a cherry lime aid for the summer.

the zinger smoothie - metabolism booster


boost your metabolism with our smoothie of the month ‑ the zinger

pineapple, banana, ginger, mint, pomegranate and coconut water. super refreshing and the perfect amount of zing!

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