welcome the fall season with an organic juice cleanse...

easy livin’ cleanse

perfect for those who want to balance great tasting, easy to drink juices with glowing results. learn more

whole lotta love cleanse (intermediate) 

for folks that are more familiar with juicing and want a more advanced blend of juices for a deeper detox. learn more

green is the colour cleanse (advanced) 

an advanced cleanse that is very alkalizing and super detoxing for maximum results. learn more

what is a cleanse?

a juice cleanse is a type of detox diet that helps eliminate environmental and dietary toxins from the body. it involves consuming only raw, organic vegetable and fruit juice that is filled with living enzymes and nutrients. your body is soaking in all the beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fats. a typical juice cleanse lasts three to five days but can go longer, if under the watchful eye of a health care professional.

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why do juice junkies like to cleanse?

everyone is due a rest. yes, the nap kind or the vacation kind but how about a rest, or vacation, from processed foods and animal protein and fat and over eating and YUK!! while juice cleansing has been known to help shed unwanted weight and fight many different illnesses, sometimes your body simply needs a break. as we live, breath and eat we accumulate toxins and it is important that we allow the time to rid ourselves of these toxins, as they can lead to problems with both body and mind. we spend so much time and energy digesting solid food. when we stop eating solid food, it gives our organs a much needed breather and allows our blood and energy to move about freely. remember, it’s not just what you’re putting into your body during a cleanse, but also what you are leaving out that allows your body to heal. during a juice cleanse, you will be flooding yourself with loads and loads of raw, organic liquid nutrition, eliminating toxins and repairing yourself from the inside out, all while your body is taking an “internal” nap. how cool is that? juice junkies rule!!

juice junkies cleanse program

juice junkies provides healing and nurturing raw, organic juices that will support your body during detoxification throughout the day. our freshly made vegetable and fruit juices are not a beverage. they are raw, highly digestible food.

our juices are made fresh daily on our amazing cold press juicers that do not heat the produce, thus maintaining their nutritional stability. you get over three pounds of raw, organic produce per 16 oz serving, providing you a live juice that is nutritionally packed with vitamins, enzymes and minerals. we do not pasteurize or pressurize our juices. they will last 3-4 days with proper refrigeration.

some signs that it might be time to cleanse include: a weakened immune system, allergies, moodiness or depression, breaking out and other skin issues, weight gain, poor digestion, feeling sluggish and not looking like your beautiful self.