the power of ginger

the power of ginger

the powerful root with many health benefits... discover healing properties of ginger in our organic, cold pressed juices, shots & vegan bites


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the "warming" root

ginger is known for its characteristic “heat.” ginger’s plant oils, or “gingerols,” have antibacterial properties, as well as exerting positive effects on your gastrointestinal tract.


as an antibacterial, ginger is helpful in treating some types of diarrhea, intestinal infections and ulcers. it kills the harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines that could disrupt the balance of beneficial flora in your gastrointestinal tract.

upset stomach relief

ginger is perhaps most noted for its calming effects on the stomach, and its ability to ease symptoms of nausea and vomiting associated with a long list of health conditions, from motion sickness to morning sickness. as a folk remedy, ginger has been used to help with indigestion, constipation, and even baby colic. ginger relaxes the stomach and soothes acidic levels inside. a few slivers of fresh ginger root with a bit of lemon, steep in warm water, makes for a perfect ginger tea.

carrot ginger soup

try our silky carrot ginger soup

juice junkies’ silky “carrot ginger soup” is loaded with… yep… a lot of fresh ginger. it's our go to soup for upset tummy or just because it tastes so good! 


we also offer ginger in many of our organic, cold-pressed juices! if you need immediate digestive relief we have fresh ginger shots on hand!

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special note: ginger is a relatively safe food to ingest. however, eating ginger does pose some risks. avoid ginger consumption if you experience gallbladder stones, as ginger increases the flow of bile. limit your consumption of ginger if you are pregnant or have a bleeding disorder.