the coolness of celery

the coolness of celery

crunchy, peppery celery is well known for being low in calories, but its health benefits go far beyond use as a diet food.

celery contains useful phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. It’s a convenient on-the-go snack as well as a vegetable that can be incorporated into cooked dishes, stir-fries and salads

healthy effects of celery


what celery can do for your health...

celery has a calming effect on the nervous system and happens to be an amazing blood purifier and eliminator of toxins from the body, serving dual purposes: nervous system support and detoxification. research suggests that celery improves liver health, which can increase your body’s own detox capacities long term. if that isn’t enough, it can help you rebuild HCL in your gut, which is crucial for fully digesting your food and absorbing important nutrients.”

celery juice


detoxing with celery juice

 “your food, your environment and even your self-care products are inundated with toxins. a consistent deep cleaning never hurts! in addition to eating a diet void of sugar, dairy, gluten, corn and processed foods, eating organic greens and vegetables, portioned organic fruit with whole grains, healthy fats, and fiber will enable your body to do the job it was designed to do.”

“drink 16 ounces of organic celery juice every day (that’s equal to about one entire bunch of celery). this just might be the best thing you can do to see quick results. you should see and feel results in as little as seven days, but the protocol can continue endlessly! (if you’re really not feeling well, you may want to start slowly with 6-8 ounces and build up from there.)” elissa goodman, holistic nutritionist

the detoxer - new year smoothie with celery


do I have to juice it myself?

 you can… but you absolutely don’t have to! at juice junkies we juice organic celery every morning! you’ll find a fresh batch in our fridge in fort worth and keller! :)

if you want to do a complete detox and reboot… we offer a 3, 5 & 7 day “organic” juice cleanse!

our smoothie of the month is the detoxer. it contains celery and other delicious and healthy ingredients: spinach, mint, ginger, pineapple, orange, coconut water, the perfect morning detox! it’s yummy and good for your tummy ☺

here’s to a happy and healthy 2020!

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