who benefits from plant-based diet?

who benefits from plant-based diet?

“health begins with what we put on our plate. but that’s just first base. true wellness is far more comprehensive — extending beyond our personal physical well-being to the collective, sustainable vitality of all living beings and the places they call home.” - rich roll.

we’re starting our march blog with a powerful quote by a vegan athlete and author, rich roll. all over the world plant-based diet is becoming more and more popular. we see new vegan food brands, books, blogs, restaurants, bistros, apparel - you name it! why did so many fall in love with plants, you might be asking… there is no one answer, that’s why it needs a detailed explanation!

happy planet

make the planet happy :)

if you read this blog regularly, you know that each month we’re focusing on how different plants (fruits, veggies, grains, superfoods) can influence your health. on top of countless benefits for our overall health, vegan diet makes the planet happy!

1. it conserves water - more than half of all water consumed in the U.S. is used for animal agriculture. the meat and dairy industry uses a full third of the entire planet’s fresh water.
2. it cuts greenhouse gas emissions - animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions - more than the exhaust from all transportation combined!
3. it conserves land - livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land, and nearly half of the contiguous U.S. is devoted to animal agriculture.
4. it helps prevent species extinction - animal agriculture is also a leading cause of species extinction. More than a hundred animal and insect species are lost every day from rampant rainforest destruction.
5. it reduces waste pollution - a farm with 2,500 dairy cows produces the same amount of waste as a city of 41,000 people..
6. It slows deforestation - animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of amazon destruction. one to two acres of rainforest are cleared every minute for grazing and growing feed for livestock


happier and healthier you

happier and healthier you!

Vegan diet is a powerful way to achieve good health. here are some benefits of introducing minimally processed, plant-based meals to your daily manu:

1. healthy heart - people who eat a plant-based diet have a lower risk of dying from heart disease when compared to non-vegetarians.
2. faster metabolism/weight loss - replacing high-fat foods with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes naturally reduces calorie intake while increasing fiber intake.
3. certain cancers prevention - avoiding animal products and high-fat foods and eating plant-based foods can lower the risk of developing certain types of cancer.
4. brain health - saturated fat and trans fat found in dairy products, meat, and fried foods can increase the risk for alzheimer’s disease. Vegan diet avoids these foods and is rich in antioxidants, folate, and vitamin E, which may offer a protective effect.

strawberry margarita smoothie!


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